About Counselling

What is counselling? 

Counselling provides a safe and confidential space in which you can talk freely and be listened to. A counsellor can help you identify, clarify, explore and resolve personal difficulties, within an ethical and evidence based framework. Counselling offers a therapeutic relationship which aims to facilitate increased self perception and enhanced understanding of both current and past experiences. In this way it can help you to come to terms with conflicts and difficulties, and discover new ways of being.

 How long does it take? 

Counselling can be relatively brief, 4-6 sessions, or longer, with a more open ended contract. The best choice for you is something that we can discuss at an initial consultation.

I am able to offer sessions online via Zoom and Skype as well as by telephone.

 How does it help? 

The counselling process might involve one or more of the following objectives:

To alleviate conflict, distress and mental suffering

To enhance self esteem and self acceptance

To increase personal effectiveness

To expand the capacity to make positive relationships with others.

To explore alternatives and make choices.

To act with greater spontaneity and autonomy.

To bring about continuing change, growth and self-development.

To enjoy a better quality of life.